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Holy shit.

2012-02-10 23:38:22 by lolwtfmudkips

It's been like a year since I've last been on here.

Probably not going to accomplish much of anything else this year.

Interactive SMG's

2011-03-26 18:58:34 by lolwtfmudkips

Here's a lil' project I'm working on. I plan to do 1 weapon a day, so I'm not sure when this will be released. Weapons planned for this pack:

Ingram MAC-10

Interactive SMG's

Oh hi thar

2011-03-24 21:28:23 by lolwtfmudkips

I've seemed to make my first 2011.

Since its only me to work on my Interactive Shotguns game, and me alone. I do all the scripting and artwork and sound...overall everything. Im loosing interest. I just cant get any type of good sure "Painfull" Motavation will have an effect but really...

IF someone can comment with a good enough reason on why I should continue this little project, regardless since it has 5 shotguns and more to come later on, I'll finish it up. I am on the last weapon. There is going to be a few bugs and what not, but I just wanna release it.

Sometime in the week, I am going to finish up my last interactive gun game, interactive shotguns. Just to stay in-touch with everyone who followed me through here.

If you didn't completely abandon me, Since school started and since I got a new OS. I have not really touched the last save project on interactive shotguns. But since I have flash 8 on my new OS, i'd have to use some special converter to use cs3 stuff in flash 8.

But in the mean time, I have a small game to hold you guys off.

Unfortunately there is only 5 shotguns to choose from. I'd say it will come out in the following week or so. And there might be some bugs here and there. But its worth it. Thank god I made my interactive engine easy to understand.

Interactive shotguns on the way

Interactive Shotguns coming soon

2010-07-23 17:37:40 by lolwtfmudkips

If you viewed my last 2 flash's about interactive weapons, then why not add another installment to the series. With all the stuff im trying to accomplish this summer (not to mention clock day is coming up), why not add the next installment to my series?

I'll be finishing it sometime in august. Prolly near the end, right before school starts. Im doing a whole new layout scheme and GUI. Prolly snag a few more interactive features here and there and nicer animations.

The weapon list: (Subject to change)

Beneli M4
Beneli M3 Super 90
1887 Winchester
Striker 12
Pancor Jackhammer
Franchi SPAS-12
Remington 870
Winchester 1300

Interactive Shotguns coming soon


Added some shiz like the Browning Bar.

Another quick update to interactive guns

Added an fn-scar L and background music that you can control.
Also you can reload during mid-clip. You just gotta figure it out.